TFV12 Prince Coils

TFV12 Prince Coils


All cores have 12 holes on their bodies, which can make the e-liquid quickly saturate the inside cotton and at the same time dissipate heat. Massive vapor, smooth airflow, rich flavors are just born with this tank.


V12 Prince-Q4

Brings you deep and rich vapor

0.4 ohm Quadruple coils

40-100W / Best 60-80W


V12 Prince-X6

Brings you silky taste and massive vapor

0.15 ohm Sextuple coils

50-120W / Best 80-100W


V12 Prince-T10

Brings you massive vapor and rich flavors

0.12 ohm Decuple coils

60-120W / Best 80-110W


V12 Prince-M4

Applicable to mechanical mod - brings you silky and rich cloud taste

0.17 ohm Quadruple coils

30-70W / Best 40-60W


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